Nuria Flores, Sales Director Hotel Barcelona & Negresco Princess

Nuria Flores

There are many reasons why we have decided to collaborate with MAX Tourism to promote our hotels in the Scandinavian MICE market.

Our hotels fit perfectly with the needs of the Scandinavians and although it is a small market compared to others such as USA, Germany or UK, they now constitute 6% of our bookings and our objective for the next 2 years is to increase the number up to 10%.

We love the Scandinavian market because they usually travel also in autumn and winter, which means outside the summer season and that helps us to complement the periods with lower occupations in the city.

We have great admiration for the Nordic model of well-being in terms of the organization of its social systems, health and education services and therefore its respect for their citicens. Being our slogan “here is where I want to be” I would dare to add “this is the kind of client we want to have”.

When choosing a representative we did not hesitate for a minute. Valeska is the right person who has, after a long experience, a great knowledge of the market and has managed to weave solid professional relationships within Scandinavia.


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