Sandra Oude Wansink, Office Manager at Incentives Barcelona


In June 2015 we decided to start working with MAX Tourism. We were quite some time trying by ourselves (visiting clients, attending Scandinavian fairs etc.) to expand our Scandinavian client data base. Due to a work overload designing proposals and carrying out booked events for our current clients, we did not always have the time to follow up on interesting leads.

We discovered we needed a motivated person with enough knowledge and contacts within the Scandinavian market to carry out this work for us. At that same moment MAX Tourism was just starting out with their representation services and we found a reliable partner to continue what we once started. We already knew Valeska from network organisations like SITE and GMIC.

Once we started talking about what we needed and what she could offer, we understood each other right away. Valeska knows the Scandinavian market very well, she has energy and motivation, she understands people and their needs, she is a honest and a warm person. During the time of collaboration that still exists, there are tangible results to our company.

We believe that our strengths to tackle the Scandinavian market are our mix of northern and southern mentalities (our team is composed of Dutch and Spanish people), our creativity and our 17 years of experience.

Incentives Barcelona