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MAX Tourism is a Sales Representation Office based in Barcelona focused on connecting our Spanish partners with the Scandinavian event planners with the aim of improving sales especially with the MICE segment by attracting corporate groups to Spain. We decided to start this project after discovering that some companies wanted to grow in Scandinavia, but did not have enough time, knowledge of the market or did not know the right people.

By having a sales representative for a specific market, you have an expert by your side that has a solid experience with a broad network and therefore knows who to contact in each case depending on the request. Nowadays event agencies usually don’t accept meetings with suppliers, unless they don’t know them personally or have a specific interest in meeting them. We can reach these people much more easily, as we have created a relationship with many of them based on trust and professional approach. By using a sales representative usually results are achieved faster, and in the meantime your internal sales team can devote their energy to other markets and daily work flow.

Thanks to our extensive experience of more than 15 years working with the Scandinavian MICE market, we have a good understanding of their tastes and preferences when traveling with corporate groups. We offer you the right solutions to achieve your objectives by creating a link between your company and the key people in the sector in Scandinavia and this will save you a lot of time and money. In 2023 we have created the MAXclub that gives you access to 12 sales actions per year and special discounts to our in-person events in Scandinavia based on Storytelling.

We started our business in 2015 and have worked so far with more than 30 touristic companies from Spain. We do collaborate with 1 DMC with 10 local offices in Spain, several hotels with good  meeting facilities, Convention Centres and several Convention Bureaus that are interested in attracting MICE business from the Nordics and that are located in Spain with good direct flight connections with the major Scandinavian cities.

We connect you with more than 500 event organizers from the Nordic Countries, that travel regularly to Spain with corporate groups. By being a member of the club, we give you direct access to the decision makers in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, as we have built a trustful business relationship with many of them during more than 15 years. We address to 4* and 5* Hotels in Spain with meeting spaces and with a good offer for MICE groups, Venues and Convention Bureaus, that want to attract MICE business from Scandinavia and offer them regular sales actions based on digital and in-person promotion. We focus on companies and professionals, that are looking for an expert like MAX Tourism and that are located near Alicante, Barcelona, Bilbao, Canary Islands, Madrid, Malaga and Mallorca.

To begin with, we believe in the figure of a good sales representative and in the potential that Spain has as a MICE destination. We know for sure that by hiring our services, you will connect with the Scandinavian buyers in a short period of time and attract business. We are permanently present in the mind of the event organizer in Scandinavia and they remember us when planning an event in Spain. Our promotion is based on digital and in-person sales activities and since 2023 we do implement Storytelling in our promotional events.

Spain is and will always be a very popular destination for MICE Groups due to the professional service, good hotel infrastructure, delicious gastronomy, mild and sunny weather all year around, the Mediterranean atmosphere and good flight connections. We work with the best suppliers in Spain and have a partnership with an extraordinary DMC with 10 local offices in Spain. At MAX Tourism we help you connect with the best providers in Spain and create an unforgettable experience.

Our DMC partner in Spain has 10 local offices. Their headquarters are in Mallorca and all the other offices in Barcelona, Ibiza, Madrid, Marbella, Sevilla and Valencia as well as their long-time cooperation partners in Bilbao and on the Canary Islands, are staffed by expert local Project Managers, who are up to date with the latest insights of each destination. If you book your event (including meetings) with maximice events group, we can apply the Revearse Charge. This means you do not have to pay the local VAT, which can save you an average of 15% in your final invoice. Last but not least, all their actions are based on the fundamental principles of fairness, transparency, loyalty and respect.