Feedback from our partners in Spain and Scandinavia

With the launch of the Barceló Hotel Group’s new project in La Nucía, we have joined forces with Max Tourism in 2022 to position ourselves as a destination hotel for the Scandinavian market. Because the Costa Blanca is chosen as a second residence for many Scandinavians, we have very good air connectivity in addition to meeting the expectations and needs of these nationalities. When Valeska came to the hotel for the first time, it was a professional crush.

She loved the hotel, recognizing the potential of our product for her customers and we found in her a professional partner with a broad vision of the market. We have done several actions with her since then and we are very satisfied with the progress made so far.  We have confirmed a group of 40 people for the month of April 2023. Therefore, we will continue to work with her in 2024 and we are confident that we will achieve an even more fruitful relationship for both parties in the long term.

Kimberly Anne Berryman

Jefa de Ventas Barceló La Nucía

The Scandinavian market is very aligned with Casa Bonay. The design, quality, 0km foods, natural wines and sustainability are all qualities that resonate with clients we see from this region which is why we decided to focus more attention on the market. When researching partners in this region, MAX tourism came highly recommended by another partner of ours. Within days of signing an agreement, we saw our first confirmation from MAX Tourism and within some months later, we confirmed another corporate group. We have very much enjoyed our partnership and hope to continue working with Valeska in the future!

Natasha Thorne

Sales & Marketing at Casa Bonay

The Scandinavian market has always valued our hotels and it is therefore an important part of our annual action plan. Working hand in hand with MAX Tourism either in sales calls or virtual events is indeed an added value. Valeska has won over not only the respect but also the affection of the key player MICE accounts, who always have her in their top of mind when organizing their events. Her actions are scrupulously planned and aimed at decision making potential clients. At SB Hotels we believe that with honesty and common sense we can overcome any challenge. Collaborating with partners that think and act this way is really a pleasure.

Mireia Gisbert

Sales Director at SB Hotels

We trust MAX Tourism to have visibility and position ourselves in the Scandinavian MICE market. Valeska is an expert, who works constantly, with a great sense of responsibility and honesty. She has very up-to-date contacts thanks to her constant trips to the Nordic countries and also to her digital marketing sales activities. Her contacts appreciate and value her a lot, we have been able to verify this in several business trips that we have done together.

Reinald Gimeno

Sales Director Mas Salagros EcoResort

The Alicante Convention Bureau started its business relation with MAX Tourism in a Sales Trip in December 2017, where we visited Event Organizers with high potential for our destination. Our Convention Bureau has organized in autumn 2018 an Educational Trip in the city of Alicante inviting MICE agents from the Nordic countries. For this project, we hired the services of MAX Tourism.

From the minute one, we received the assistance of Valeska, who brought her great knowledge of the market and generosity to work. We emphasize and value her attitude with the buyers, which led to a splendid atmosphere among the group of guests. Thank you Valeska, for joining us in this action, we hope to be able to count on your collaboration in the future.

Raquel Hernández

Promotion & MICE Department of Alicante CB

Valeska is our one stop shop for Spain. Her expertise and knowledge of the destination and extended network makes her and MAX Tourism the obvious choice for our Incentives and Conferences in Spain. She is a concentration of energy, ideas and professional know-how of the business which makes it easy to collaborate together to achieve the best results for our clients. Swedes love Spain. That’s a fact since the beginning of the charter ages. Sun, fun, food, wine, laughter and their lifestyle has always amazed and amused us. Spain was, is and will be a favorite MICE destination for us.

Pier Michael Togni

Product & Marketing Director Bokningsbolaget

Selenta Group has been collaborating with MAX Tourism from June 2015 until December 2017 in order to promote our hotels in the Scandinavian MICE market. The sales skills of Valeska Nawatzki, her knowledge of the MICE segment, her perseverance and pleasant treatment have allowed our company to grow significantly in Scandinavia. Very proactive, Valeska offers its clients constant suggestions for improvements and a communicative enthusiasm.

Olivier Magne

Sales Director Selenta Group

In March 2016 we began to collaborate with MAX Tourism and specifically with Valeska Nawatzki, who has a very deep knowledge with the MICE market in Scandinavia. To do this, we needed to choose specialized tourism professionals in the Nordic countries.

MAX Tourism is a Sales Representation Company with extensive experience in the MICE segment and these markets. For this reason, Hotel Emperador has chosen her company for promoting our establishment and we surely know it will be very much appreciated by all visitors from the Nordic countries.

Pilar Lanchas

Sales Director Hotel Emperador Madrid

To work with Valeska and MAXTourism is always a pleasure as I know she has so much knowledge on Spain. And she takes great pride in keeping herself updated on what’s going on, especially with her partners. This is a security for me and that the quality holds when I present the offers to my clients. I also appreciate the different events Valeska organise, both here in Stockholm, but also in Spain. I look forward working with MAX Tourism a lot more during 2024

Marie Reese

Owner at Reese Inspiration

Valeska was recommended to us by a very trustworthy colleague from the industry. We got in touch with her and the feeling was really good from the start. During our sales trip, we worked very well in terms of agenda and organization. No stress, step by step. We even had time to enjoy a little bit Copenhagen and Stockholm.

The number of meetings was good and we had time to get to know the event planners and share their interests and what we can offer them in our destinations. Valeska takes her work very serious; we felt very confident and secure travelling with her. Now it is our time to keep and extend the business!

Joni Ferrer

MICE Sales Mon Hotels

We started our collaboration in the beginning of 2020 travelling to Oslo in February and in these 2 years we have met very interesting agencies, with great interest in our product. Especially in the most difficult times of the pandemic, Valeska has managed to maintain contact and seek new ways to market our product, through creative online meetings that have been very well organized.

Max Tourism adds value to our brand and helps us to be in the mind of potential customers, not only through business trips and online meetings, but also through its online marketing strategy (newsletter, social networks…). That is why Valeska & MAX Tourism have been key to Puro Group, thanks to their quality contacts, know-how of this valuable market, and above all for their closeness and professionalism.

Nabil Aguilera

Sales coordinator at Puro Group

For me it is very important to get to know the business and find partners on the local markets, since it makes it a lot easier to find and sell new destinations. Therefore I need to network a lot with other DMC’s, hotel chains and of course people who connect me to the right partners, such as MAX Tourism. Last Fam Trip with MAX Tourism in October 2018 to Alicante was really nice, making new contacts, getting ideas of activities as well as having a good time enjoying the nice city.

Spain is is the most accessible country with very good flight connections as well as it offers a “Scandinavian-friendly” climate. We have a long tradition of travelling to Spain and we appreciate the friendly Spanish citizens. And of course Spain is still offering value for money. At least in most of the destinations.

Jan Welander

Partner at Split Kommunikation AB

There are many reasons why we have decided to collaborate with MAX Tourism to promote our hotels in the Scandinavian MICE market. Our hotels fit perfectly with the needs of the Scandinavians and although it is a small market compared to others such as USA, Germany or UK, they now constitute 6% of our bookings and our objective for the next 2 years is to increase the number up to 10%.

We love the Scandinavian market because they usually travel also in autumn and winter, which means outside the summer season and that helps us to complement the periods with lower occupations in the city.  When choosing a representative we did not hesitate for a minute. Valeska is the right person who has, after a long experience, a great knowledge of the market and has managed to weave solid professional relationships within Scandinavia.

Nuria Flores

Sales Director Hotel Barcelona & Negresco Princess

I work for KITE kommunikasjon event in Oslo and know Valeska since many years. I hope to start working with her clients in Spain very soon. Norwegians love to go to Spain because of the climate, the fantastic food and the lovely people, that go along with Norwegians very well. Some other points that people from Norway appreciate in Spain very much are the good price-quality that you find, good shopping options and the fantastic differences of nature: mountains, the sea, the cities, etc. Practically for me, Spain is a wonderful country to go to both for Private Stays and Corporate Events. People in Spain understand our business in all major cities and the trip is always a life experience!

Veronica Flinck

Partner at KITE kommunikasjon event

MICE represents the most important segment for Hotel Camiral at PGA Catalunya Resort, and as such, we are constantly growing and we must bet on new markets with as much potential as the Scandinavian, which is a big fan of Spain and Catalonia in particular. For this we have relied on a company with reputation and experience in this market, such as MAX Tourism.

With MAX Tourism and Valeska Nawatzki, we greatly appreciate the involvement and professionalism with which it represents us in the Scandinavian market. The attitude of Valeska with the client is always positive and looking for solutions. We really appreciate that she understands and loves our product and from Hotel Camiral we conceive her as part of our sales team.

Pedro Echevarría

Commercial Director Hotel Camiral at PGA Catalunya Resort