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Who are our partners?

We work with 1 outstanding DMC who has 10 local offices in Spain and different 4* and 5* Hotels with meeting facilities and unique selling points. Throughout the year, we are always on the hunt for special hotels and venues and do collaborate with several Spanish Convention Bureaus, that want to attract corporate business from Scandinavia. We focus on companies and professionals, that understand the value of having an expert like MAX Tourism, that knows exactly what Scandinavians are looking for when travelling with corporate groups.

Barceló La Nucía

Barceló La Nucía 5* (Alicante) Excellent resort in Costa Blanca for MICE groups Tucked away in La Nucía, a small town in Costa Blanca located

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Lopesan MICE

Lopesan Hotel Group 5* (Gran Canaria) Lopesan Hotel Group: Your MICE destination in Gran Canaria Lopesan MICE offers you 3 hotels with event spaces and

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VIVOOD Landscape

Vivood Landscape Hotel 4* (Alicante) A luxury experience in the nature The VIVOOD Landscape Hotel is located in Benimatell, north of the province of Alicante

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