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Diary of a successful event written by Incentives Barcelona

Diary of an event:

Tuesday May 31st 2016. At 18.00 o’clock we arrive at the venue, a restaurant with a spectacular terrace and views over the port of Barcelona. This evening we will receive 350 international guests for a cocktail dinner. We check if all is set-up in the restaurant, we place a 2 meter high logo of the client and a photocall with the logo of their sponsor, we talk to the DJ and arrange the last details for the event.

One of our biggest nightmares comes true at 18:45h; it starts raining….One of the things that do not happen that often in Barcelona and certainly not at the end of May. Luckily we always think ahead with a plan B which in this case was the interior part of the restaurant big enough to accommodate the entire group. But…. to our great relief it stops raining 30 minutes later and the sun starts breaking through.

Our first guests arrive at 20.00 o’clock and they directly go for the terrace with their glass of cava to enjoy the fantastic views. One hour later we have 350 guests talking, eating, drinking and the DJ playing a nice mix of chill-out and dance music. We receive compliments on the food, organization and everything is running smoothly. As a DMC this is all you can hope for when you start with the organization of any kind of event.

The dinner is followed by a 2-hour open bar and at the end of the evening it is hard to get all guests to the busses to return to their hotels. Quite a lot take off with taxis or walking to continue the night elsewhere and we just manage to get 1 bus (instead of 4) full with people to the hotel. The bars in the restaurant are closed, the music has stopped, the last 60 people are still on the terrace chatting and enjoying the great atmosphere and good vibes of the evening. Incentives Barcelona checks out.

Happy to have organized this event for our client and experiencing that we really do love our work! 🙂

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By Incentives Barcelona