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Direct flights between Scandinavia and Spain exceed pre-pandemic figures

The number of direct flights between Scandinavia and Spain for this summer season could exceed the pre-pandemic figures for 2019, according to an annual analysis by the company MAX Tourism on direct air connections between cities of both destinations.

The analysis is based on direct flight connections between the major Scandinavian and Spanish cities and on data obtained from the digital platform We checked the flight connectivity from Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Helsinki, Stockholm and Oslo and to Alicante, Barcelona, Bilbao, Ibiza, Madrid, Malaga and Mallorca for this summer 2019. The obtained result says that in summer 2019 there were a total of 427 direct flights and the preview for summer 2024 is of 451 direct air connections, which represents an increase of 5.6%.

The Canary Islands are now connected with Gran Canaria with 37 weekly direct air routes from Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo operated by Norwegian, SAS and Vueling. Likewise, 6 direct flights to Tenerife from Copenhagen and Oslo are planned, operated by Norwegian.

The data to highlight about this observation are the following:

  • Copenhagen, Denmark: Direct flights from Copenhagen to Bilbao have increased by 250%. Bilbao went from 2 weekly flights in 2019 to 7 this summer with Vueling and Norwegian. Alicante is also experiencing growth, from 11 to 17 flights, while Barcelona now has 34 weekly flights.
  • Stockholm, Sweden: Direct flights from Stockholm to Mallorca have grown by 200%. Mallorca now has 12 weekly flights comparing to 6 in 2019. Barcelona also increases its frequency to 25 flights this summer, while Malaga adds 5 more to its list, going from 24 to 29 flights.
  • Gothenburg, Sweden: The direct connection with Malaga has increased by 55%, from 9 to 14 weekly flights. Mallorca also registers an increase, from 5 to 8 flights. Barcelona has 11 direct connections with this Scandinavian city.
  • Helsinki, Finland: Helsinki expands its connection with Barcelona, ​​going from 9 flights in 2019 to a projected 13 this summer, an increase of 44.4%.
  • Oslo, Norway: The connection with Madrid from Oslo has been strengthened, going from 8 flights in 2019 to 11 direct flights by 2024.


Recently, as a reflection of this encouraging outlook, Norwegian airline announced a 22% increase in seat capacity between last summer and 2024, rising from 2.84 million people to 3.47 million.

For this summer 2024, an increase of 10.2% in the number of flights is projected compared to last summer, with reference to the 409 flights registered in 2023 comparing to 451 from this summer. This outlook is favorable, with Spain being a preferred destination for the Scandinavian countries, which maintains a leadership in destination consideration and travel intention indexes.

If you want to consult the result of direct flights between Scandinavia and Spain for the year 2024, during this summer season and non-winter months, click here.