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El Caminito del Rey (The King’s little path) – the former most dangerous path in the world!

Have you heard about the most dangerous path in the world? It’s really amazing! It’s located between the towns Álora and Ardales (Málaga County) and within a stunning Natural Area, which makes it delightful and beautiful, but it is not only a simple mountain hike. The gateways, the holding bridge at 105 meters high and the steep mountain walls will create an inevitable sense of dizziness on many visitors. The height, together with the narrow path in some places, makes it dangerous. The King’s Little Path or ‘’El Caminito del Rey’’ is 75 km from Marbella and 66 km from Málaga.

El Caminito del Rey is a rehabilitated infrastructure designed to enjoy an active experience from 3 to 4 hours on a spectacular natural environment. Therefore, it has a risk factor and demands physical capacity and skills from the visitors. They are not risking their lives, but there will be a visual impact on those who get impacted easily. That is one of the biggest attractions of the King’s Little Path.

The total length of the path is 7.7 km in one direction (no circuit). Normally it’s claimed for those who are looking for great emotions on an attractive natural environment and it is perfect for different activity within an Incentive travel experience at Malaga and Costa del Sol area. Its characteristics like climbs, descents, sidewalks and stairs will make mobility an important issue to consider; so while it’s not necessary to be an athlete to go around it is important to know its difficulties. On the ‘’El Caminito del Rey’’ website they elaborated a manifest of recommendations to visit the place that everyone should read in order to avoid any surprise inside the path.

For more information about the King’s Little Path follow this LINK.

Now watch this stunning Video of El Caminito del Rey by Ruben Losada