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Flights from Scandinavia to Spain increase in comparison to last year

We start the summer with good news!

Our team could not begin the summer season of 2018 without first taking a look at Scandinavia’s flight connections to Spain. Thanks to that, we are bringing you good news today: we have found an increase in air connections of 8% compared to previous summer.

Air connections are one of the main indicators for destinations that drive international trips on a large scale, and as we have mentioned throughout the history of the MAXblog, Scandinavians have a great preference for destinations in Spain. Undoubtedly the main reasons for this predilection are its pleasant climate, coasts, culture, gastronomy and traditions.

Therefore, the increase of air connectivity is great news for all those Scandinavians willing to continue discovering or visiting for the first time the charms of Spain. Although it is true that in the winter seasons the air connections from Scandinavia to Spain are more abundant, the accessibility to this destination in summer is also favorable.

During the summer season 2018, the main cities of the Scandinavian countries that make routes with Spain are: Copenhagen, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Helsinki and Oslo. The destinations in Spain with more flight frequencies from Scandinavia are: Alicante, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Malaga and Mallorca.

The data to highlight about this observation are the following:

  1. The city that is best connected to Barcelona is Copenhagen with 33 weekly flights, placing Malaga in second place with 27 flights per week. The Danish capital is also the city that is best connected to Madrid, with 17 weekly flights. These data make Copenhagen the city with the most flights to Spain, with a total of 116 per week.
  2. The Scandinavian city with the most flights to Alicante this summer 2018 is Oslo, with 22 flights a week with Norwegian, SAS and Finnair.
  3. The most favorable increase in flights in a year is headed by Helsinki, since in summer of 2017 it had 60 weekly flights and in summer 2018 there are 82 weekly flights from the Finnish capital to Spain.
  4. Another surprising increase is the connectivity of Stockholm to Mallorca: it has gone from 9 weekly flights to 20 flights per week in the summer of 2018.

Adding the summer air connections of Copenhagen, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Helsinki and Oslo with the 5 Spanish cities, we obtain a total of 396 weekly flights. When comparing this figure with the 367 weekly air connections last summer, we confirmed the obvious preference towards Spain. The most requested cities are Barcelona with 107, Malaga with 99 and Mallorca with 67 weekly flights respectively. If you want to take a look at our flight schedule from Scandinavia to Spain, then click on the following link.