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How to make a delicious Spanish Omelette!

The Spanish Omelette

Part of the culinary culture of Spain is the Omelette, we have references as old as the XVII century and it is nowadays part of the Spanish gastronomy. There are many ways to make a delicious Potato Omelette also called Spanish Omelette. It is a very simple to prepare and easy to get the ingredients everywhere.

Did you know that Ferran Adría, one of the Spanish top chefs in the world, is credited with a different type of Spanish Omelet called Omelette Chips which is only using potato chips instead of regular potatoes simplifying the process. It was not part of the menu in the exclusive restaurant El Bullí but you can find references to the famous chef preparing this meal.


3 Big Potatoes – 1 Onion – 4 or 5 Eggs – Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Salt


  1. We peel the potatoes and then cut into thin slices and do the same with the onion
  2. We put plenty of extra virgin olive oil to the fire in a large pan
  3. When it gets hot, add the potatoes with onions and add a little of salt
  4. We need to cook the potatoes so it is advisable to lower the heat to medium-low. For better results you should cover with a lid and check the potatoes to prevent get golden
  5. Crush the potatoes while they are being cooked and when they get well mashed, raise the fire up to toast a little and then remove it of heat
  6. In a large bowl, toss the eggs and add salt and then mix it all
  7. Drain the potatoes from the oil and put them in the bowl together with the eggs, when you get all in, mix up until you get a combination of eggs and potatoes
  8. In another smaller skillet, we put a little bit of the exceed oil and when it gets hot add the eggs and potatoes. Put it on medium-low heat and control the centre by moving the skillet to prevent sticking
  9. After 5 minutes we turn around the Omelette for the first time. Add more oil and put over the Omelette carefully, shape it and leave for another 4 or 5 minutes. To have it well curd give a second round and let over the heat for 3 minutes
  10. When the Omelette is done we put it on a plate and our Tortilla is ready

In this VIDEO we show you step by step how to cook a delicious Tortilla.