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MAX Tourism gets excellent results on their quality surveys!

The satisfaction of our clients is our priority

From the beginning of our business activity, MAX Tourism created a customer satisfaction form for trips to Scandinavia in which we travel in company of our clients. Additionally, we have been modifying it with the time, as we progressed and innovated in our business activity.

We believe that communication is a key element for any type of relationship, especially a professional one. Therefore, the fact that we know the level of satisfaction of our customers will help us to strengthen bonds with them and to identify their needs in an efficient way, something beneficial for both parties.

We recently decided to take a global look at the 8 answers we had obtained in the customer satisfaction form, and we were pleasantly surprised with this data.

In one of the questions, the client had to answer “how they generally valued the sales representation trip with MAX Tourism”. This is their general opinion:

The most rewarding part of the results were the questions “How do you rate the services provided by MAX Tourism to date?”, “Would you recommend MAX Tourism to other companies that would like to grow with the Scandinavian MICE market?” and “Would you join MAX Tourism again in another sales representation trip?” since the 100% of the answers were affirmative.

The Scandinavian agencies also play an important role in defining the success of our sales trips, and for this reason we make sure to visit the best ones. This fact is reflected in the results of the following question “How would you rate the quality of the agencies visited in relation to their product/service?.


Thanks to the sincerity of our clients when it comes to responding, we are encouraged to keep following this direction, continuing with our sales representation trips and creating new business opportunities.

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