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MAXinterview with Jan Welander, Partner at Split Kommunikation AB

This section called MAXinterviews aims to inform through experts of the sector. With only 4 questions and answers, we are trying to discover what is happening in the tourism industry emphasizing in the MICE segment and Spain.

Jan Welander is one of the founders of Split Kommunikation AB and based in Stockholm. The agency was founded in 2003 and their focus is creating customized and unique events for corporate companies. His experience from the event business is much longer. In 1995 he resigned from an insurance company to “live his dreams” and joined one of the first event agencies in Sweden, Creator Event. Ever since he has worked with project management, focused on business to business events.

What kind of trips do your clients usually book with you?

When it comes to incentives it is mostly to popular destinations in Europe that provides various kinds of activities outside the hotel. Some of our clients also requests long distance destinations for their incentives such as USA, the Caribbean, Latin America, Asia etc.

For meetings it´s more important to find locations and venues that offer good logistic solutions within the hotel area, of course. All our Scandinavian clients are more into hotels with a lot personality, minimalistic design, good breakfast and lots of space outside.

Why do you think is Spain so popular for your groups?

It is the most accessible country with very good flight connections as well as it offers a “Scandinavian-friendly” climate. We have a long tradition of travelling to Spain and we appreciate the friendly Spanish citizens. And of course Spain is still offering value for money. At least at most of the destinations.

You recently stayed at Mas Salagros EcoResort, what was your overall experience?

Mas Salagros is a true “hidden pearl” located on a perfect distance from Barcelona. In a quite and eco-friendly environment you find yourself calming down tremendously quick, not only because of the amazing spa with all the healthy and relaxing roman baths, but also for the smooth and very serviceminded staff. The cuisine at the gourmet restaurant is excellent with the ambience of self confidence and at the same time unpretentious. I can warmly recommend this place for couples, but also for smaller meetings, incentives etc.

What do you like the most about MAX Tourism? Knowledge of the destination, DMC, hotels, Fam Trips?

For me it is very important to get to know the business and find partners on the local markets, since it makes it a lot easier to find and sell new destinations. Therefore I need to network a lot with other DMC’s, hotel chains and of course people who connect me to the right partners, such as MAX Tourism. Last Fam Trip with MAX Tourism in October 2018 to Alicante was really nice, making new contacts, getting ideas of activities as well as having a good time enjoying the nice city.

Do you see any trends and how do you think will the Event Industry change in the next 10  years?

Well, in terms of the climate change there will be more focus on the travelling. Since the companies will turn more sustainable the meetings will take place either closer to your head offices or choose alternative for the transportation, trains for instance. We will find new destinations with a high level of recycling on the agenda, both as a supplier and as a destination.

Still, in order to make business and built the culture within the companies, they will keep on meeting as much as they do today. The age of internet and digital solutions will require more of physical interaction through the meetings.