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The best combination of MICE Tourism and Sustainability in Mallorca

Protection and preservation of natural spaces and historical heritage is one of the priorities of Mallorca

Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic islands, where nature and humans live in peace. On the other hand, the capital of the island is a city with medieval Gothic buildings and bright and chic nightlife. The impact of tourism on the destination is carefully analyzed in Mallorca, adapting and supervising the new systems that have to be designed.   

In order to diversify the product and to work aligned to the public and private sector of the local tourism, touristic products in Mallorca are segmented and promoted separately, as for example MICE Tourism, Sports Tourism, Eco Tourism, etc.

Due to its ability in combining the territorial and climatic characteristics of the island, Mallorca’s MICE offer is amongst the most demanded in all of Europe

Three projects were developed and followed, applying suitable strategies that will be measurable, feasible and ambitious and will embrace various aspects of sustainability.

The first project was aimed at deseasonalization of the tourism on the island. Touristic flows mainly take place in summer, therefore Mallorca is looking into encouraging visitors to come out of the main season. Another strategy consists of attracting remote workers during the whole year, enhancing tourism all over the island.

The second project speaks about supporting local artists and writers, as well as the promotion of heritage and art institutions of Mallorca. The island is home to a wide selection of museums, galleries, and art centers, all of which host exhibitions throughout the whole year. A key tool in the implementation of this project are targeted and focused campaigns for cultural tours, cultural agenda, and events within cultural spaces, products, and resources.

Finally, the last project is all about the natural environment. By collaborating with local partners in Mallorca, this initiative seeks to develop a project that contributes to improving biodiversity and the environment. Evolving various aspects of tourism and their accessibility to the market leads to development of sustainable destinations, reinforcing it in a thoughtful and responsible manner. Through this, Mallorca wants to create and strengthen their economic, social, and cultural dynamics.

Thank you Mallorca Convention Bureau and Consell de Mallorca for supporting and contibuting with our article by sharing information with us.