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What do Scandinavian agencies expect from their suppliers in Spain and from MAX Tourism?

The results obtained in this quality survey keep us optimistic for the future of the MICE sector in Spain

At the beginning of September 2021 we decided to launch a quality survey to all Scandinavian agencies with which we have regular contact, with the aim of knowing what they expect from their suppliers in Spain and from MAX Tourism’s services in the future. We have sent a total of 13 questions grouped into 4 pillars and their answers will help us to take decisions. The four pillars were: their meetings with MAX Tourism, corporate trips abroad, sustainability in our sector and future Fam Trips with our partners.

The first question is “How would you rate the communication with MAX Tourism?” 85.7% of the event planners answered that communication is excellent. To the question: “What do you like the most about meetings with MAX Tourism?” 54% of the agencies have answered that what they like the most is to get inspiration about Spain. The next question is: “How would you like to work with MAX Tourism from now on?” Almost half of the agencies think that the meetings should be face-to-face again and the other half think that the meetings should be combined with face-to-face meetings such as online, while only 14.3% think that meetings should become virtual.

In the section on international travel, one of the questions was “Are customers willing to travel despite covid-19 restrictions?” 100% of those surveyed have answered that their clients are willing to travel despite the pandemic. As regards “What motivates the client to choose Spain as a destination?” 35% of the agencies have chosen direct flights and with another 35% the good weather in Spain throughout the year. 12% of the event planners surveyed give importance to the professional treatment offered by workers in the tourism sector in Spain and with 6% to the excellent hotel infrastructures.

The following questions were aimed at finding out more about sustainability in the events industry. The first question has been “How important is sustainability to organize an event?” To which 57.1% of those surveyed have answered that sustainability is very important to organize an event and 42.9% have answered that it is not important. Regarding sustainability, we have asked the agencies where they put the focus on sustainability: 36% have voted for the environment, 21% for social inclusion, another 21% for ethical issues and another 21% refer to the economy. In the last question about sustainability, we wanted to know how it is important that hotels and venues have a sustainability certificate, to which 57.1% of the agencies have answered that it is important and a 42.9% that is not relevant.The forth pilar of the survey included two questions about the destinations where MAX Tourism plans to organize future Fam Trips in collaboration with their partners and about the best date to do them. Most Scandinavian event organizers have answered that their three favourite destinations to explore are Alicante, Ibiza and Gran Canaria and the preferred dates are spring 2022 and autumn 2022.

Regarding the attendance at IBTM that will take place this November in Barcelona, ​​more than 57,1% of those surveyed value attending this event even though there may be restrictions, while 42.9% think that if there are restrictions to travel for sure they would not attend.

The responses to this quality survey have allowed us to draw the following conclusions such as that Scandinavian agencies are still interested in the destination Spain, end customers are willing to travel again despite the covid-19 and possible restrictions and that the companies want to return to work as before the pandemic both with MAX Tourism and with Spanish suppliers.