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What do the event planners think about MAX Tourism?

Fulfilling the satisfaction of event planners in Scandinavia is the most important thing for us.

In December 2018 we sent a quality survey to all the event agencies that we had visited since 2015 to evaluate our business meetings in Scandinavia. With this survey we pretend to know different opinions to enhance our strengths and improve our weaknesses, which will help us grow both personally and professionally.

This form consists of 4 sections and a total of 13 questions to draw conclusions about our professional attitude, the meetings held, the destinations in Spain in which we have clients and the Fam Trips carried out. In one of the questions, the meeting planner had to answer the question: “How do you rate the quality of the clients that MAX Tourism represents in Spain?” 100% of the respondents answered that it is excellent or satisfactory.

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One of the most rewarding parts of the survey were the answers to the questions: “Do you see yourself organizing an event in one of the hotels we represent?”, “Do you consider the meetings interesting and inspirational?”, “If you have participated in a Fam Trip, how would you rate the organization of it?” because the vast majority of responses have been very positive.

In addition, we have a ranking on which are the most attractive destinations in Spain for the MICE segment. In third place we have Bilbao and Sitges (45.5%), in second place Alicante (54.5%), and the first place goes to Barcelona (100%). However, it should be noted that 63.6% of respondents are missing a destination in our portfolio, such as the Balearic Islands and some provinces of Andalusia such as Malaga and Granada.

We greatly appreciate the agencies that have participated in the survey, because thanks to their sincerity MAX Tourism will be able to continue growing.