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What is the feedback about our MAXdays taking place in 2023?

We want our sales journey to be a fun journey for everyone

In 2023 MAX Tourism started to be more creative when promoting our clients from Spain in the Nordic countries. Therefore we developed an event called the MAXday Storytime based on Strorytelling and Sustainability, where we showcase our Spanish partners to the Scandinavian event organizers. We did our first edition in March in Oslo and the second one in June in Stockholm.

The first promotional event took place at Hotel Amerikalinjen in Oslo and was partly sponsored by the Tourism Board of Costa Blanca, who brought their hotel partners. And our event in June was held in the Spanish Restaurant “Spanjorskan” in the center of Stockholm with different Spanish providers.

After each of our events, we do sent out a quality survey for all the participants, in order to understand what we did great and where we can improve. The survey consisted of 15 questions and 4 sections about different aspects of the experienced event and was different if addressed to our Spanish partners or the Scandinavian buyers.We received a total of 29 answers about our MAXday.

From the side of our Scandinavian partners, the feedback was very positive. Regarding the MAXday in general, where our partners could rate the event from 1-10, 53% of the participants marked it with 10 (graph 1). Furthermore, regarding the chosen venue for the event, the punctuation of 10 was valued by 69% of those surveyed. Networking was a crucial part of the event and 53% of our Scandinavian partners marked with 10 the networking opportunities they had during the event. (graph 2)

A Storytelling presentation was also highly valued by our partners from Scandinavia, 38% of the participants marked sessions as a 10 and 30% as 8. For the question “Do you think you can use our partner hotels for your future corporate groups? “ 100% of the partners marked YES.


On the other hand, we will summarize the answers from our Spanish clients. When evaluating the event as it was, 62% of participating hotels marked 10 for their satisfaction with the MAXday. (graph 3) Venue choice was also analyzed and 37% of the clients thought it was a 10 and 50% of the clients marked 1 point below, a 9. (graph 5) Another important point we wanted to know was how Spanish hotel representatives felt about the interest of Scandinavian event planners towards the meetings during the event. The feedback was positive. 25% of the surveyed marked an 8, while the rest divided in half, marking 9 and 10. (graph 4)

Storytelling experience was also appreciated by our Spanish clients, 50% of them marked this question with a 10. Interest from the Scandinavian agencies, ambience of the event and quality of food were also marked very positively. Additionally, most of the participants marked YES for their want in participating in our events in the future.


Moreover, we are very thankful for the participants who left additional comments regarding improvement of our event. Knowing our strong and weak sides, will help greatly to improve our events in the future. Every feedback was heard and analyzed, taking into account both sides of the event participants. We are working everyday to make the experience even more delightful for every attendee and every aspect of the event.

Below you can see our video from our last MAXday taking place in Stockholm in June 2023. We hope you enjoy reading and watching!