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What is the opinion of our clients from Spain about our business trips to Scandinavia?

The results of the quality questionnaire show that we are on the right way

In 2017 we decided to create a quality survey for our clients from Spain, in order to give us their opinion on our common business trips to Scandinavia. The questionnaire includes 13 questions divided into 4 sections and a total of 33 answers were obtained from 2017 to 2022.

The first section is dedicated to the general satisfaction about the organization of the sales trip with MAX Tourism. For the first question “How do you rate the business trip together with MAX Tourism?” 75,8% of our clients answered as excellent. On the second question in this section “Would you hire the professional services of MAX Tourism again?” there was a 93.9% of a positive reply.


In the next section, called “Organization of the business agenda”, there are 3 questions that were focused on the organization of meetings with the agencies. The satisfaction of punctuality of the meetings was rated as excellent by 97% and the attention received from the Scandinavian agencies was rated as excellent by 93.9% of our clients. Also, on the question “How do you rate the planning of the route to the offices?” 84.8% of the interviewees think that the planning was excellent.

The third section assessed the quality of meetings with agencies. The first question was “How do you rate the quality of the agencies visited in relation to your product/service?”, to which 48.5% of those surveyed have answered excellent and 48.5% have answered satisfactory. For the next question “How do you rate the interest for Spain by the agencies in Scandinavia?” 60,6% of our clients think it is excellent and 39,4% scored as satisfactory.

In the 4th and last section we analyze how they have perceived the services and a willingness to continue working in the future with MAX Tourism. To the question “How do you rate the services provided by MAX Tourism to date?” the answers were presented as excellent by 96,9% of surveyed. 100% of our clients answered that they will recommend MAX Tourism to other companies that would like to grow with the Scandinavian MICE market.


The results of this quality survey help us to understand deeper the experience of our clients during the promotional trip. We saw that our clients are overall satisfied with our services and the organization of the trip, however there is always a space for improvement. We hope that in the future we will have many more of such exciting trips that will allow our clients to grow more with the Scandinavian market. As some of you alrady know, we are working on a new concept called “MAXday Storytime” and soon we will tell you more about it.