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What is the opinion of the Scandinavian event agencies about our Fam Trips in Spain?

Fam Trips are a great way to discover the destination and its offer.

This year we decided to launch a quality survey to our Scandinavian agencies who participated in our fam trips to different destinations in Spain since November 2021. We have sent a total of 22 questions grouped into 4 pillars and the received answers will help us to take future decisions. The four sections were: dmc and details about the trip, general rating of the services provided by MAX Tourism, general evaluation of the trip, level of understanding of the destination and MICE offer & personal opinion about the Fam Trip. 

According to the first section regarding basic details of the realized Fam Trip, there were 3 different destinations to which fam trips were organized: Mallorca, Gran Canaria and Costa Blanca. In the second section we asked the agencies to rate the services of MAX Tourism. For “How do you rate the Fam Trips made with MAX Tourism?” the reply was 100% Excellent. Likewise, the answers for the question “Would you like to be part of another Fam Trip with MAX Tourism in the future?” were equally 100% a “yes”. 


Next section was dedicated to the general feedback about the Fam Trip. The evaluation of selected destinations was rated as 80% Excellent and 20% Satisfactory. The accommodation and activities, both were positively rated at 70% Excellent and 30% Satisfactory. The overall organization of our Fam Trips was rated 100% as Excellent from all interviewed agencies. 

Speaking about the understanding of the destination and the potential of MICE, all interviewed agencies marked Yes to the both questions “Did the Fam Trip help you to learn more about the destination?” and “Has the trip been enough to understand the offer of the destination?”. Also 90% of the participants answered Yes referring to the number of days and amount of activities.


In the last section, we asked the participants their personal opinion about the Fam Trip and what they liked the most. For example, one of the best moments was the boat tour and paella cooking class. Participants mentioned good organization and diversity of activities by “maximice events group” and their local partner in Canary Islands “inSuite”. 

The results of this survey are very important to us and mean that we are on the right way, but there is always space to improve. We would like to thank our DMC partner maximice events group for the outstanding organization during the Fam Trips and all the events we have had together during this year. We hope that in the future we will have many more exciting trips that will allow our Scandinavian agencies to continue explore Spain with us.

Have a look at our latest Fam Trip in Costa Blanca in March 2022. Our next one will be in Madrid from 23-25th March 2023.