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Barcelona: A city committed to responsible tourism

Barcelona has been committed to sustainability and the environment for years

Barcelona is one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable cities in the world thanks to its intelligent and ecological traffic solutions, green buildings, water management, green areas and healthy air. The Catalunya capital’s location surrounded by sea, mountains and rivers, doesn’t allow the city to grow a lot, therefore sustainability is extremely important in order to keep the city healthy.

The Responsible Tourism Institute, a global organization funded by UNESCO to advance sustainable tourism at every level, gave Barcelona the title of first city in the world to get Biosphere Certification as a responsible tourism destination in 2011. Since then, several businesses have committed to be more environmentally friendly, and Barcelona has extended its Biosphere Certification through 2024.

Barcelona – first city in the world that received Biosphere certification in 2011

The purpose of Biosphere Certification is to ensure that the tourism product meets the required criteria of quality and contributes significantly to society. The city’s responsible and sustainable tourism initiatives are also acknowledged.

Accessibility and Mobility are other crucial measurements that are recognized and constantly improved in Barcelona. The urban planning of the city is continually changing to better distribute the spaces used by various modes of transportation. The bus system has been enhanced, new bike lanes have been added, and roadways and sidewalks have been widened to prioritize pedestrians and make walking more pleasant and secure. Regardless of visitors’ physical, sensory, or cognitive ability, Accessible Barcelona is ready to receive functionally varied tourists.

Barcelona is totally a MICE destination with a wide offer of venues and accommodation. Sustainability is a strategic component and an essential aspect of daily operations at the Barcelona Convention Bureau so that events can have a positive impact and both organizers and the destination benefit in the long run. To this purpose, it provides a variety of sustainable spaces that have excellent practice in social responsibility programs, encourages energy-saving and efficiency measures, and provides selective waste collection or CO2 emission compensation.

Thank you Barcelona Convention Bureau for sharing with us the information and the pictures used in this article.