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Alicante is committed to turning the city into a reference in sustainability

Alicante, a sustainable destination

The growing interest in sustainability is spreading through a large part of Spanish cities and it is important since it ensures the needs of our present lives without compromising the resources of future generations, for this reason sustainability should be a primary element for the development of cities.

Alicante has carried out three major projects to offer a better city both for its habitants and for the tourists who enjoy this beautiful place every year.

The first major project consists of the conversion of the city centre. This project has been carried out by pedestrianizing the main streets of the city centre, eliminating the lanes for the circulation of vehicles and replacing them with green areas and walkways for pedestrians.

“Alicante is moving: Being Smart” would be the second project carried out by the city. With the installation of more than 150 cameras around the city, it is intended to recognize vehicle license plates in order to connect traffic in real time and be able to innovate in the traffic management system in the city.

                Sustainable Alicante  Sustainable projects in Alicante beaches

The third project is that of urban trails. About 50km add up to all the trails in natural spaces, forest parks and environmental trails in the city. The objective is to be able to facilitate hiking for citizens and tourists visiting Alicante.

“Alicante improves the tourist experience of its visitors through sustainability”

For its part, gastronomy in the city has also joined the evolution to achieve a more sustainable city. As “Alicante the city of rice“, there are already more than 30 rice restaurants in the city that have bet on quality, tradition and the recovery of flavours of Alicante rice. By having the “Alicante city of rice” seal, it is officially certified that restaurants follow the cooking processes such as being free of flavour enhancers, not using artificial colours, buying products from local suppliers, among others.

The island of Tabarca and the beaches have also joined the sustainability project in which the city is working. The Island of Tabarca is one of the main projects of the city to achieve a balance of the island and improve the tourist experience. For this, a load study has been carried out to achieve a balance of the island’s ecosystem, improve its sustainability and its maintenance. The same would happen with the beaches of the Alicante Municipal Tourist Board, which have taken measures such as capacity control, a network of smoke-free beaches or the implementation of good practices on the beach, among others.

Finally, some hotels and DMCs in the city wanted to join this project in order to make Alicante a more sustainable city by eliminating single-use plastics, reducing single-use amenities and replacing them with dispensers, carrying out activities on urban trails, education and awareness workshops and many more. Let’s support our industry in being more sustainable to create a better world!