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Benidorm: A sustainable city covered with enchanting natural spaces

Destination in Spain with innovative spaces and accessible infrastructure for everyone

Sustainable tourism in Spain is becoming more and more wide and diverse. One of the most popular tourist cities, Benidorm is another sustainable destination that cannot be missed. Benidorm is a coastal city on the east of Spain located in the Costa Blanca. The city counts with exceptional environmental conditions, thanks to Serra Gelada Natural Park and  7km of coastline of the Mediterranean Sea.

Being a highly popular place among local and international visitors, Benidorm pays special attention to accessibility, mobility and sustainability of the city, by protecting the natural environment and creating various projects related to intelligent tourism.

Benidorm is certificated as the world’s first Smart Tourist Destination    

The model of the city allows it to be more resistant and helps to reduce pollution by being highly accessible for pedestrian tourism. 70% of the mobility in the city is claimed to be by foot, as well as 134 km of bicycle roads are built around Benidorm, certifying the National Mobility Award that the city holds.


Another important thing is the possibility to access the destination for all people, highlighting the Accessibility indicators that the city follows. The accessibility of beaches is certified in Universal Academy, accessibility actions are promoted and implemented, together with Predif (State Representative Platform for People with Physical Disabilities) and accessible tourist maps for the blind and hard of hearing people are available.

Speaking about the Green Sustainability, Benidorm’s green coverage area with respect to the total of the municipality is 32.16%, which is 20% higher than recommended. Quality and cleanliness of Costa Blanca’s waters and beaches is monitored and reported every year, providing the grant of the Blue Flags, awarded by the Foundation for Environmental Education at the international level, the Ecoplayas flag granted by the Association Ategrus, that recognizes the tourism sustainability and environmental quality, certification Quality Q, covering requirements of equipment, cleaning, security, etc, the certification ISO 9001 and 14001 standards and many more.

Great number of skyscrapers allowed Benidorm to be efficient in integration of renewable energies, answering the high demand for accommodation with the consumption of the less space possible, where ventilation and lighting in all rooms guarantee a minimum consumption in electricity and lighting.

With the accessible facilities, hotels and venues open all the year, Benidrom counts with 17000 square meters of spaces for events. While being positioned as one of the best MICE destinations in Spain, the city tries to remark and build sustainability in every section of tourism, giving visitors the possibility to enjoy magnificent coastal city with no harm to the world.

Thanks to Visit Benidorm for sending us the information and photos!