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Flight connections between Scandinavia and Spain

The frequency of flights between the Scandinavian countries to Spain continues growing.

We know that flight connections are one of the main indicators between destinations that drive large-scale international travel. The World Tourism Organization (WTO) points out that in 2015 have been registered more than 1 billion international trips worldwide.

In the MICE segment, traveling time, direct connections, and relatively short distances when making events and congresses are considered important.

Airlines have opted to connect Scandinavia with Spain especially in the last years. The increasing routes of the big airlines, together with the impact of the low cost airlines, have positioned Spain as one of the most popular destinations in the world.

During the winter season 2016/17, the main cities of the Scandinavian countries that have connections with Spain are: Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Helsinki, Oslo and Stockholm. The destinations in Spain with the most flight frequencies from Scandinavia are: Alicante, Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga and Mallorca.

The following flight schedule shows the days of flights per week between Scandinavia and Spain in the winter season 2016/17.

We would like to highlight some significant facts comparing with the winter season 2015/16, which shows a positive evolution:

  1. In winter 2015/16 Madrid had 8 flights a week from Stockholm, this winter there are a total of 10 flights a week so it has increased by 2 flights.
  2. Barcelona had 10 flights a week from Helsinki in the winter season of 2015/16, during the current season there are already 13 flights per week. Vueling is new to this route and this means an increase to the airlines that already operated.
  3. Malaga had 10 direct flights a week from Copenhagen in the previous winter season, during the start of the winter season 2016/17 this number has grown to 18, with the introduction of SAS into this route.
  4. Mallorca is the destination with the highest growth, mainly due to the 7th Hub of Norwegian in Spain. SAS to be the only protagonist with 7 flights has had to share with Norwegian and Finnair, that together have added a total of 17 flights. The connected cities are Stockholm, Oslo, Gothenburg, Copenhagen and Helsinki.

A relevant fact that shows interest in our destination is that the sum of all the flight connections from the 5 Scandinavian cities to the 5 Spanish cities is of 231 flights per week during the winter season 2016/17. In addition we want to emphasize that Malaga is the star destination for the Scandinavians, counting with 64 flights per week, a figure only surpassed by the 69 direct flights towards Barcelona.

If you want to have a look at previous flight schedules please click on following links: Flight schedule Summer 2015, Flight schedule Winter 2015/16, Flight schedule Summer 2016.

So far, destinations like San Sebastian or Bilbao do not have direct connections to Scandinavian cities, even knowing the growth in popularity of these cities in recent years. We are confident that this situation will change in the near future. We wonder: Which of the dominant airlines in these markets will have the leadership for the new openings in the Basque Country? We will be very attentive to its evolution.