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Interview at Cava & Hotel Mastinell with Olivia Valderrama

This section called MAXinterviews aims to inform you through experts in the sector or talk about projects that are truly unique and have a differential value. With only 4 questions and answers we seek to discover what is happening in the tourism industry with emphasis in the MICE segment and Spain as destination.

Would you like to discover more about Cava & Hotel Mastinell located in Vilafranca del Penedés (close to Barcelona)? Then you should take a look at our Interview with Olivia Valderrama, who is the director of this great company. We hope you enjoy it!

Mastinell Cava & Hotel

Cava & Hotel Mastinell is a 5* Hotel located in Vilafranca del Penedés, which is 60km from Barcelona. Its unique architecture emulates a sinuous set of bottles of cava in rhyme and its roof, built with the technique of the brittle, pays homage to Antoni Gaudí. How did you come up with the idea of creating a building of this type?

The hotel, with modernist inspiration, reinterprets today, the great cathedrals of the cava of the last century. It had to be a construction that did not break with the landscape but had a visual impact. It should be one more element that emerged from the vineyards of the property and was related to the winemaking tradition of Penedès, so that the position of the cava bottles when they were in the second fermentation process was chosen.

Cava & Hotel Mastinell has received numerous recognitions: In its first year it was awarded as Best Tourist Establishment in Wine Routes of Spain, recognition awarded by the Spanish Association of Wine Cities (ACEVIN) and Turespaña. Explain to us in which values your establishment is based on?

We bet for the value of a territory. Cava & Hotel Mastinell is more than a hotel, a winery and a restaurant. It is a complete wine experience where we get the guest to feel like a winemaker during their stay. From our establishment, we show the importance to maintain the culture of the vine and offer a quality product. For this we bet by the use of innovative technologies that help us to preserve the total integrity of our cavas and wines.

What kind of customers are usually staying at your hotel and using your cellar to hold their events?

The truth is, that of all our clients, approximately 75% – 80% are foreigners. Within this percentage, the most visited are American, Norwegian, Swedish, Belgian and Dutch, in this order. National tourism tends to have more volume during the weekends. They are usually middle-aged people and from nearby provinces. Usually reservations are for an overnight stay, however, in the case of foreigners, they are usually reservations of two or more nights. 

The events in Mastinell are social, for example, weddings, celebrations, etc. And also company, incentives, agency, etc. Depending on the client’s profile, at Cava & Hotel Mastinell we adapt to offer you the space that best suits your needs. We have different rooms for events.

Mastinell is part of the Olivia Hotels Group. What can you explain about your Hotel Group that may be of interest to the MICE segment?

Currently, we live in an era in which the MICE segment is becoming less faithful and there is a great need for recruitment. For this reason, in our hotel group, we have proposed to increase it, giving our services and the added value that we offer for this type of client: a personalized treatment. Size and comfort of the rooms and high quality in gastronomy. In addition, our meeting rooms, capable of hosting more than 200 people, in our hotels Olivia Plaza, Olivia Balmes, Bonanza Hotels and in our Cava & Hotel Mastinell, are all equipped with technology and offer natural light to make meetings or conferences nicer.