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Growth of flight connections between Scandinavia and Spain

The frequency of flights with respect to the previous summer increases!

Flight connections are one of the most important factors for destinations that drive international travel on a large scale. This time, MAX Tourism brings you the new data on flight connections from Scandinavia to Spain, where we highlight an increase compared to the previous summer.

No doubt the nordics have a great preference for the destinations of Spain due to its main attractions, such as climate, culture, heritage, and gastronomy among others. That is why the increase in flight connections is very good news.

During the summer season, the main Scandinavian cities that emit the most flights to Spain are: Copenhagen, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Helsinki and Oslo. On the other hand, the cities of Spain with the best flight frequencies from Scandinavia are: Alicante, Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, and Mallorca. We also highlight that new flights have been added to Bilbao from Oslo and Stockholm, taking into account that previously Bilbao did not have direct flights from Scandinavia.

Some of the data to be highlighted are the following:

  • There has been a 38% increase in the frequency of weekly flights from Gothenburg to Spain.
  • In the summer season 2018, Malaga had 20 weekly flights from Oslo. However now it has 30 weekly flights. For what it is something very positive and it shows us that Malaga is a top destination.
  • The air connectivity between Stockholm and Alicante has improved, since 16 flights per week were issued last summer. Currently there is a frequency of 29 weekly flights.
  • The most favorable increase is Oslo! The summer of 2018 had 81 weekly flights to Spain. Today it is positioned as the best-connected Scandinavian capital with Spain with 118 flights per week.

If we add the flight connections from the main Scandinavian cities to the main cities of Spain mentioned previously, we obtain a total of 433 flights per week during the summer season. This is a very significant as to the increase that has been compared to the previous year, which had 396 weekly flights. The most requested cities are Malaga with 119, Barcelona with 102 and Alicante with 82 weekly flights respectively.

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