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Incentives Barcelona takes care about the environment

The team of Incentives Barcelona cares about people and the environment therefore applies environmental and social criteria within the company. Their office is located in a co-working space with a sustainable and humanist vision and a community with a diversity of professionals who can exchange talents and synergies. They support Fundación Ared, a non-profit organization founded in 1994 that believes in second chances. The foundation works for the social and labour integration of people at risk of exclusion, especially women.

They are also a member of the Barcelona Sustainable Tourism programme (part of Barcelona Turisme) which reinforces its commitment to the promotion of sustainable tourism in the city and encourages the participation of enterprises that are working to ensure environmental, cultural and socio-economic sustainability. In 2012 they signed the Citizen Commitment to Sustainability 2012-2022 which implies the involvement and contribution of several civic organisations committed to the future of Barcelona. They also compensate the CO2 emissions of all our corporate flights.

Upon request of our client Incentives Barcelona can organize sustainable events which respect the environment and take into account the social and ecological impact thus making the event a success not only for the participants but also to create a better world. They work with suppliers who apply sustainability criteria, include social projects in their programs which enable the companies to contribute to the local community. In their proposals they always indicate which activities are sustainable items. And last but not least they can measure the CO2 emissions for each event and offer the possibility to compensate for them.

We want to congratulate Incentives Barcelona for taking care about the environment. We need it more than ever!