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What does a Mystery Guest contribute to your company?

A “Mystery Guest” is associated with improvement in quality of service and attention to customers, specially designed for the hospitality industry. By engaging incognito auditors, a complete and objective evaluation of the experience of guests in your property is obtained.

What are the benefits of hiring a “mystery guest”? As a general rule, the person in charge analyzes the service, but he can also consider the quality of the facilities in terms of atmosphere, lighting, treatment of staff, presentation of food and drinks. We all know that very often it’s about the small details that can transform a memorable experience to a bad memory. The difference lies in identifying what can be improved and act accordingly.

Following a detailed report, the company can take decisions to improve procedures, differentiate yourself from the competition, reinforcing the philosophy of the company, improve brand image and especially and most important… increase customer satisfaction and consequently gain reputation and level of recommendation.

All this will lead the company to improve its performance and higher profits. It is of common sense and can be achieved in a relatively short time. Important is the involvement of all teams, motivating the staff to row in the same boat and same direction and communicating well the objectives within the Company.

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