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¿ Is Barcelona a smart city ?

“Smart city” is a new concept that works to improve the quality of life of its citizens, ensuring sustainable social, economic and urban development. A “smart city” uses modernization of new technologies of information and communication technologies (ICT), optimizing efficiency management of services and resources of the city.

In practice, a “smart city” is one that has the capacity to respond to the needs of its inhabitants (environment, mobility, business, communications, energy and housing, amongst others) improving day by day. It should facilitate interaction between citizens and the administration with available open information in real time and where personal and business development is promoted.

Following extensive research and comparison by the company “Juniper Research” Barcelona has been named in February the world’s smartest city. The list ranks the cities through a combination of “smart” capabilities, studying road infrastructure, lighting, and other aspects such as social cohesion and technological capability. Barcelona was ranked first, beating New York, Singapore, Rio de Janeiro and London. This is the result of dedication and effort of more than 10 years to adapt to technological advances and a collaborative environment to improve relationships among all city members.

Do you think that Barcelona is a Smart city? Or what in your opinión is missing in the city to be worthy of this distinction?

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