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Testimonials from our clients from Spain in 2022

Successful promotion in the Scandinavian MICE market with our hotel partners from Spain

In 2022 MAX Tourism has been promoting a package that includes in-person and digital promotion in order to promote Spain as MICE destination. In June 2022 we organized our Digital Workshop “Spain meets Scandianavia”, we organized 3 sales trips to Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen, where we visited more than 30 event planners with our hotel partners from Spain. In 2023 we will start a new promotional event called “MAXday Storytime” and soon we will tell you more about it. Our first event will take place on 9th of March at historical Hotel Amerikalinjen in Olso.

We asked some of our hotel partners from Barcelona, Mallorca and Costa Blanca about their experiences with MAX Tourism and sales promotion actions in 2022.


Testimonial from Natasha Thorne, Sales & Marketing Director at Casa Bonay Barcelona:

“The Scandinavian market is very aligned with Casa Bonay. The design, quality, 0km foods, natural wines and sustainability are all qualities that resonate with clients we see from this region which is why we decided to focus more attention on the market. When researching partners in this region, MAX tourism came highly recommended by another partner of ours.

Within days of signing an agreement, we saw our first confirmation from MAX Tourism and within some months later, we confirmed another corporate group. We have very much enjoyed our partnership and hope to continue working with Valeska in the future!”


Testimonial from Joni Ferrer, MICE Sales Manager at Mon Hotels in Mallorca:

“Valeska was recommended to us by a very trustworthy colleague from the industry. We got in touch with her and the feeling was really good from the start. During our sales trip, we worked very well in terms of agenda and organization. No stress, step by step. We even had time to enjoy a little bit Copenhagen and Stockholm.

The number of meetings was good and we had time to get to know the event planners and share their interests and what we can offer them in our destinations. Valeska takes her work seriously; we felt very confident and secure travelling with her. Now is our time to keep and extend the business!”


Testimonial from Kimberly Anne Berryman, Sales Manager at Barceló La Nucía in Costa Blanca:

“With the launch of the Barceló Hotel Group’s new project in La Nucía, we have joined forces with Max Tourism in 2022 to position ourselves as a destination hotel for the Scandinavian market. Because the Costa Blanca is chosen as a second residence for many Scandinavians, we have very good flight connectivity in addition to meeting the expectations and needs of these nationalities.

When Valeska came to the hotel for the first time, it was a professional crush. She loved the hotel, recognizing the potential of our product for her customers and we found in her a professional partner with a broad vision of the market. We have done several actions with her since then and we are very satisfied with the progress made so far.  We have confirmed a group of 40 people for the month of April 2023. Therefore, we will continue to work with her in 2023 and we are confident that we will achieve an even more fruitful relationship for both parties in the long term.”


Thanks to all our hotel partners and dmc partner maximice events group with 10 local offices in Spain for your trust in MAX Tourism. Together we are better!