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The impact of bleisure in the future

Personalized experiences on the business trip

Although over the years we have already become familiar with the term, it seems that the impacts of this trend are increasing more and more. Bleisure practitioners, which name comes from the combination of the words business and leisure, seek to add leisure experiences in their business trip to make it more enriching and profitable for them.

Bleisure has been normalized in such a way that nowadays, as the Expedia Group study states, 60% of business travelers integrate a leisure component in their business trip, increasing by 20% compared to 2016. Therefore, it is estimated that in the future this figure will be higher.

A big part  of the responsibility for this growth is attributed to the group of people born between 1980 and the year 2000, that is, to the Millennials.

As we mentioned in our post about the new generations, the Millennial segment gives great importance towards living unique experiences, as well as the decision-making power of their journey. Therefore, they want to break through the common activities of a conventional business trip in order to balance it with their leisure preferences.

Spanish companies are aware of the growth of this trend, since the benefits are obvious: according to the study by the Enlloi company, if people keep betting for bleisure, the profits would increase by around 1500 million euros per year.

For this reason, many tourism oriented businesses are enabling their services and facilities to meet the needs of bleisure travelers, offering the perfect equilibrium between their business and business needs.

Taking advantage of free time between meetings to carry out activities such as cultural visits or shopping, and to lengthen the stay to have more time to enjoy the destination are the most common behavior in the bleisure trend.

Finally, besides from the obvious infrastructures to carry out business activities, among the characteristics that a destination must possess to attract this segment of travelers are the beauty of the landscape, a diverse range of complementary activities and good gastronomy. What do you think? Is Spain a bleisure destination? We are certain it is!