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This is what scandinavian event planners think about MAX Tourism

Reach the expectations of event organizers is one of our main objectives

In November 2019, we sent a quality survey to all event agencies that we have visited since 2015 to evaluate our business meetings in Scandinavia. With this form, the purpose is to know the different opinions in order to strengthen our strongest points and also improve our weaknesses. This will help us to grow both personally and professionally.

The survey is based on 4 sections and a total of 13 questions asked to draw conclusions about the meetings held, our professional attitude, the destinations in Spain where our clients are located and the Fam Trips held. In the main questions of the first section, about the professionalism of MAX Tourism: “How do you rate the general communication with MAX Tourism?” And “How do you rate the quality of the clients that MAX Tourism represents in Spain?” We can say that the 100% of the responses have been completely positive, stating that they rate these aspects in an excellent or satisfactory manner.

Another rewarding surprise for us has been that all respondents have found the meetings held interesting and inspiring. In addition, they were also asked “Could you describe in one or a few words the presentations made by MAX Tourism and/or its customers?” And most say they have been useful, inspiring and creative.

Likewise, another of the questions was “Which of the destinations in Spain do you think are the most attractive for the MICE groups?” And taking into account the opinion of the event organizers, in third position we would find Sitges; In second position and draw, there are Alicante, Bilbao and Madrid, and in the top we find the city of Barcelona. However, some respondents said they would add cities such as Malaga or Palma de Mallorca.

We are very grateful to all the agencies that have responded to this quality form, since thanks to their opinion and sincerity, MAX Tourism will be able to assess all the aspects necessary to continue growing and improving.