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My experience as an intern at MAX Tourism

Living a MAX experience!

Hello! I am Andrea González, a 20 year old student and I would like to share with you my time as an intern at MAX Tourism. I was in the last year of a Higher education Training Cycle related to Tourism at Formatic Barcelona school and I had to do professional practices in some company of the sector and by chance I found in my school an offer of MAX Tourism, a company that I did not know at all, but that caught my attention and offered the possibility of doing professional practices.

Then I contacted Valeska right away, explained my situation and sent her my resume. We arranged an interview after a few days to meet and see what we could offer each other. We both agreed that there was a good feeling immediately and that was (among other factors) that allowed us to move forward with the agreement.

The first day arrived, from which I was going to start a new routine. At first, it was something completely new to me, I didn’t know how the company worked and I was a little afraid of not performing enough in the studies for having busy afternoons as an intern. However, this has never been a problem since Valeska has been flexible with me at all times and always willing to explain the tasks to me. He has also elaborated throughout the years manuals for the most important tasks, which serves as an example in case of not remembering something.

The days went by and I became more and more familiar with the company and the way of working

As time went by, I worked better, I felt safer and more as at home. Every day I was learning new things about MAX Tourism, its customers and the MICE segment. My tasks range from the use of CRM that I did not know, perform content search for the corporate blog, writing articles for the MAXblog, analysis of potential clients, maintaining the company’s Twitter account and creating new albums about clients in Flickr among other things.

Valeska is a very organized and hardworking person, and has always been willing to teach and help me. It has made me feel at all times part of the company, which kept me motivated and involved to the fullest. It has been a very enriching experience in every way, which has brought me many positive things, some of which are not acquired by studying. I thank Valeska for offering me the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally and for trusting me at all times. Thank you!