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Tradition and innovation: Discover the Basque cuisine

Great variety of flavors!

Gastronomy plays a big role in Spain, so big that it has become a distinguishing attractive in comparison to other destinations. Moreover, more and more people are choosing this type of tourism, since it is estimated that the gastronomy tourism in the country receives more than 7 million annual visitors.

Every region offers its own culinary offer, so it is worth visiting them all in order to enjoy the wide variety of flavors and sensations. Today we are choosing the Basque Country, the paradise of every gastronomy lover. There, we will be able to find the most well recognized chefs of all the Spanish cuisine and immerse ourselves in a world that combines tradition with gastronomy modernity.

What makes the Basque Country so special? It is a bordering, mountain and coastal community, so its diversity regarding ingredients is way higher, something that made the consolidation of incredible culinary traditions possible. If we add the arrival of the new Basque cuisine in the 70s, based on the innovation and creativity, we will find a unique, worthy of recognition product.

 “The Basque Country has a very wide and varied gastronomy, elaborated with very diverse ingredients, coming from the Cantabrian Sea (fish and seafood) and from the interior (vegetables, greens, cereals, meat, etc.)”


Furthermore, it’s the Spanish community with the highest number of restaurants that have Michelin star, something that guarantees the quality of its gastronomy. The big amount of events and fairs, like Gastronomika, add an extra value to the destination’s tourism.

This community also has a space for wine lovers, since enotourism is gaining more and more popularity thanks to their designation of origin. The quality of the txakoli, which is the typical wine from the Basque Country, has seduced a big number of tourists, that’s the reason why there are so many enology routes around the different cellars and vineyards of Rioja Alavesa.

 “A very contemporary wine in the most part of the geography in the atlantic Basque Country. Pick your destination and be seduced by this worldly unique wine.”

According to the experts, the profile of the gastronomy tourist is about a very adventurous person who loves experimenting new sensations and knowing in depth the destination they are visiting. If you have these qualities, we encourage you to visit the Basque Country and discover all its culinary facets!