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Interview with the Director of Incentives Barcelona

Incentives Barcelona, the DMC reference for Spain!

Did you know that DMC Incentives Barcelona has organized more than 1700 events in 17 years serving more than 60,000 people? Incentives Barcelona is an expert in the destinations of Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao and Seville.

If you want to know more about Incentives Barcelona, you cannot miss the interview with Sandra Oude Wansink, of Dutch origin and with more than 17 years residing in Barcelona. We hope you enjoy this interview and find inspiration for your future groups!

Sandra Incentives Barcelona

Incentives Barcelona has been operating groups throughout Spain since 2002. With the competition in this sector, what do you do to differentiate yourself?

Incentives Barcelona consists of people who have been working in this sector for years. We like to share our experience about the organization of an event as much as about the destination with our clients. We are passionate about our job and 100% dedicated to the proposals of our clients to offer them something that adapts as much as possible to their desires and budget. We want to offer always creativity, flexibility and, above all, personalized attention. And we are curious and love to know new and different places and activities. For our customers we are their eyes and ears in a destination that constantly changes and that can offer new concepts from one day to another.

Incentives Barcelona does not only do Incentives and not only operates in Barcelona! What are the strong destinations and the type of groups that you attend?

Our main destinations, apart from Barcelona, ​​are Madrid, Bilbao and Seville. Barcelona is still our number one destination followed by Madrid and Bilbao. Madrid is becoming more popular in part because of the good connection in flights but also because the customers want to know other parts of Spain. Bilbao is a destination that we started to offer 4 years ago and has been a success. It is a lovely town with relatively little tourism although this is increasing every year. The Basque Country, where Bilbao is located, is a region where gastronomy triumphs. There are many restaurants with Michelin star, the typical tapas where you can eat  pintxos and the Rioja area with more than 200 wineries. The good thing about our destinations is that they are very diverse. Although they are in the same country each of them breathes a different atmosphere and has different attractions. We always inform the client if we see that a destination fits better with a certain group.

Why has your agency bet on the Scandinavian market since June 2015?

We’ve been betting on the Scandinavian market for a while, but we never had enough time to devote all the attention it deserves. When in 2015 Valeska presented us her company MAX Tourism and commented to us that the Scandinavian market was one of its main markets we saw at once that this could result in a successful collaboration. In the company we are 3 Dutch and 1 Catalan who for many years has worked with the Scandinavian market. We believe that our mentality or rather our Dutch background is quite similar to the Scandinavian mentality. That makes us understand each other and we can create unforgettable events for groups coming to Spain. In addition flight connections to Spain are becoming more frequent.

As a Barcelover, what are your favorite places in this great city?

There are many places in Barcelona that I love and choosing a favorite is difficult. The area of ​​the beach, especially in spring (when they start to open the bars) and in autumn (less tourism) is fantastic. I also love the neighborhood where I live,  that is Sagrada Familia near Glorias Square. This square is currently under construction but in the area there are more and more green spaces and it is used to organize outdoor events such as festivals. Then I think Enrique Granados Street is still a great unknown for many tourists. It is a street with lots of small and charming bars and restaurants and a few boutique hotels. It is worth strolling down this street and trying out some restaurants.