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Who is MAX?

Many people have asked us over these months “Who is MAX?” This is the word that best defines our philosophy and way of working. One of our goals is to MAXimize the exposure and benefits of our clients and this is not only our slogan, it is our priority in our daily lives.

Those who know us already working know… we always strive to the MAXimum! The work, perseverance, good organization and passion for our work, is in our blood and that is something that the other one will see and receive immediatly.

Another feature is, that we MAXimize our clients potential. As external Sales Managers & Consultants  we like to work closely with our Partners, sharing information and working in the same direction to achieve the marked objectives as soon as possible.

Here are some caracteristics that best describe us:

  • we are 2 professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the sector
  • have an excelent Networking and internationnal experiencie
  • work with rigor
  • turn ideas into actions
  • are passionate about Tourism & Sales and that is why…

…we work to achieve MAXimum benefits for your business.

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