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Alternative spots to discover the best street art in Madrid

Where to visit the best urban art in Madrid?

The global touristic trends are fastly changing, offering the opportunity to participate in what we call ‘experiences’. That’s the reason why we are talking to you today about the street art in Madrid. Those people, who are interested in travelling on a low-cost budget, may now have the opportunity to do so in the Spanish capital.

MAX Tourism in partnership with Cooltourspain brings you an informative article where you could find (almost) everything about the street art in Madrid.

Embajadores tobacco factory is a former warehouse from the XIX century now hosts a meeting point for the local artistic community. Is a building with over 16,000 m² where to find all kinds of art, from DIY recycled artwork (wood, glass, metal…) to Stickers & Paste-ups created by local artists.

Another mandatory stop for an alternative traveler and lover of the street art in Madrid is located just few minutes away from Tribunal metro station the Malasaña neighborhood. The streets of this popular neighborhood host once a year a street art festival called PINTA Malasaña. Artists from all over the city paint the metal shutters and facades of businesses which give them the required permission.

Street art

A city full of color!

Located right next to the parking lot of Atocha’s train station, we found La Neomudejar, which is an avant-garde center in Atocha which houses different kinds of art: Brut art, Visual art and Street art. If you are looking for a museum which exhibits the opposite of El Prado museum, then this is your place!

Also the city center hides a special spot in Calle Doctor Fourquet. It will completely surprise you! The following garden was occupied in 2002 by local neighbors who were fed up with a controversial situation. In its interior, there are some great artworks to see Street art in Madrid, some of the artists are Zeta1970, Roa (famous Belgian artist) and Blu (Italian artist).

Furthermore, Parque de Las Siete Tetas probably offers one of the best sunsets in town. This is a 7 hills area where you would get a panoramic photograph from all the city center, including but not limiting to Royal Palace, Almudena Cathedral and a former telecommunications tower called El Pirulí.

And you, have you ever known what urban artists have left embodied in the streets of Madrid?