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Mas Salagros challenges in management of an EcoResort

Why is Mas Salagros considered an ecological hotel?

We talk about an ecological resort when its construction and operation respects the environment to the maximum, through the use of ecological materials, the integration of renewable energies or the food elaborated with ecological products, among other aspects. This is what perfectly defines Mas Salagros, a clear example of sustainable tourism.

One of the factors to take into account when creating an ecological establishment are the materials used, which is why Mas Salagros uses green roofs, which favors energy savings by isolating the rooms from outside temperatures, helping to reduce the use of the biomass boiler. In addition, the buildings are oriented to the south, to obtain maximum performance of natural light and the entry of thermal gains in winter. In summer the heat was selected with pergolas and wooden awnings.

Mas Salagros

“In Mas Salagros, we have the dual mission of being an example of tourism sustainability, and at the same time transmiting our values to our guests and society. Only then will we contribute to promoting change in the current tourism model”

The main gastronomic source will be the orchards, the animals and the vineyards. It produces fresh and seasonal products, so that the entire gastronomic offer of Mas Salagros is based on 100% organic products (apart from fish and shellfish). Also they have a menu consisting of more than 200 references of organic wines and a wide variety of organic beers.

In addition, Mas Salagros is attached to Tesla Motors “Destination Charging” program, so it has a charging station that will comfortably provide guests the possibility of charging their vehicles while enjoying the hotel’s facilities.