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Are hotels adapted to new generations?

Reinventing yourself is a wise thing to do!

The tourism sector is taking a 360º turn, and much of that change is due to the new generations. It has made way for the Millennials, a group of people born between 1980-2000, who represent one of the most powerful demographic generations in tourism and have totally revolutionized the hotel industry.

The most prominent element in them is that the Internet and social networks have a great weight in their lifestyle, so that technologies adopt a leading role in all aspects of their tourism activity. In fact, more than half of them use their mobile phone to plan their trips and more than 35% book their trips through these devices.

Another important characteristic about Millennials is their great desire to live authentic and quality experiences and then share them through their social networks. They admire innovation, dynamism and closeness to local culture.

This is the point where the role of the hotel sector comes into play, since they must adapt to this nonconformist segment to offer them what they need. As mentioned at the Event “Gran Debate Hotelero”, held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Barcelona on March 20 of this year 2018, many hotel establishments are already beginning to adapt their infrastructures and services to the Millennial segment.

Their power of decision is highly influenced by the ratings of other Internet users of the hotels or destinations they intend to visit. Therefore, hotels that want to focus on this segment must take care of their online reputation.

Actions such as implementing technological devices both in common areas and in the rooms, having a decoration worth immortalizing for social networks and an attractive design of the website are key factors to capture the attention of this group.

Finally, the strategies to enable spaces to encourage interaction between guests, having free Wi-Fi and including healthy food in the menu of the restaurant also help hotels to position themselves as establishments oriented to the Millennials.

Is your hotel prepared to face the needs and desires of this segment? More and more hotels are already accepting the challenge!