Maximice events group, first Spanish event agency to obtain the TISAX Certification

Our partner DMC has obtained the TISAX certification after a long audit period. As everyone knows, we signed a collaboration agreement with the Spanish DMC maximice events group. It has its headquarters in Mallorca, offices in Barcelona, ​​Ibiza, Madrid, Marbella, Seville and Valencia, as well as its associates in Bilbao and the Canary Islands, where […]

What does the arrival of 5G mean for tourism?

The future is here! The human being is increasingly related to their environment, both personally and professionally, and this is mainly due to information and communication technologies (ICT). It is thanks to this reason that today we have thousands of comforts and experiences that in the past were unimaginable. Since the end of 2018, the […]

Are hotels adapted to new generations?

Reinventing yourself is a wise thing to do! The tourism sector is taking a 360º turn, and much of that change is due to the new generations. It has made way for the Millennials, a group of people born between 1980-2000, who represent one of the most powerful demographic generations in tourism and have totally […]

How will we travel in the future?

The best technologies at our fingertips! When we talk about tourism in the future, the first thing that comes to our mind are robots or planes which speed resembles teleportation. What if we tell you that we are right? In an era where technological innovation abounds, tourism must go hand in hand with new advances […]

Is Spain a smart destination?

The country already has 11 smart cities! “Smart city” is a new concept that works to improve the quality of life of its citizens, ensuring sustainable social, economic and urban development. A city that uses modernization of new technologies of information and communication technologies (ICT), optimizing efficiency management of services and resources of the city. […]

Partnership with the creative agency Estempore

MAX Tourism is now developing new business opportunities through strategic partnerships with specialized companies in different sectors related to tourism and hospitality world. From the beginning of our journey we have been announcing in our website that we offer different services that, until now, we haven’t sold since many of you only know about us […]

Get an Apple Watch with Expo Hotels & Resorts

Would you like to get an Apple Watch? It’s very easy, you will get one if you confirm your next group with Expo Hotels & Resorts! This hotelchain offers great Hotels in Barcelona, Marbella, Valencia and Tenerife and is looking forward to organize your next event in Spain. With more than 40 years of history and a […]

Are you looking for a more sustainable incentive trip?

Incentives Barcelona, founded in 2002, brings an important extra to incentive trips, congress travel and events by being innovative and efficient in the arrangement plus flexible in the design of sustainable customized programs. Recently “U worth it” published an interview with “Incentives Barcelona” where they speak about the world of sustainable events. How do you organize […]

TEDx events are in!

Today we dedicate the post of the week to TEDx events. Usually they celebrate an event once or twice a year in each city where some of the most important thinkers and entrepreneurs in the world share what they are most passionate about. “TED” stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design, three major areas that together […]