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What does the arrival of 5G mean for tourism?

The future is here!

The human being is increasingly related to their environment, both personally and professionally, and this is mainly due to information and communication technologies (ICT). It is thanks to this reason that today we have thousands of comforts and experiences that in the past were unimaginable.

Since the end of 2018, the next -or fifth- generation of wireless technology, better known by the acronym 5G, has begun to appear. This new technological generation will mean a significant increase in the capacity of data transmission, multiply the speed of mobile communications and drastically reduce the latency, which is the response time of a server to a device.

The deployment of these new technologies will allow people, vehicles and any type of automated device to connect to the internet at a speed up to 20 times faster than the one we currently have. This new technological infrastructure will also completely transform the way of tourism because it will allow access to communications and data services in real time, so that it will be possible to create new tourism experiences.


5G Technology, the new ally of the tourism sector

For business travellers this means they will be able to develop their trips in the most effective way and adapted to their personal needs. There will be an integrated support with access to accommodation, transport, customers and entertainment in a virtual way, through the 5G device, which will incorporate translation, localization and assistance services.

Tourists will experience through 5G networks a new travel experience, enhancing knowledge in each destination and immersion in it, both cultural, gastronomic, historical or artistic. It will also provide a new way of interacting with other tourists and with local people.

In the coming years we will be able to see how these technological advances will boost tourism. From simple applications such as virtual audio guides in the form of a mobile application, to more complex and sophisticated applications of augmented reality and tourist environments in a virtual way that will transform the way of interaction between tourist and destiny.