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Discovering our partner DMC maximice events group

Interview with Anna Babayan and Kathi Allmendinger from maximice events group

In the middle of the pandemic we signed a contract with our DMC partner maximice events group, but since the travelling did not start until summer 2021, we count our business relation since September 2021. The year 2022 was very successful and beyond our expectations. The fact that maximice events group has 10 local offices in Spain is a big advantage for me, when offering their services to the Scandinavian event planners. If you are curious and want to know more about them, please take a cup of coffee and read our interview with Anna and Kathi.

MAX Tourism: Maximice events group started in year 2008. How did your DMC evolve since the beginning to what it is now?

Anna: The adventure began in 2008 when Juan Miguel and Markus met during a series of events in Mallorca. At that time both were looking for new challenges and thus maximice events group was born. They quickly realized that the combination of German engineering with Spanish passion was just what the clients were looking for. Their clients were so satisfied with our work, that they asked for other destinations. And since the philosophy of both has always been that you have to know a destination in order to be able to offer it, the opening of an office in Ibiza was the logical next step.

Then 2014 was another important year for maximice events group, as we expanded to the mainland with the opening of the office in Valencia. To maintain the quality with which the clients knew maximice events group, we realised that we had to increase the number of local offices and have local project managers. After that we opened offices in Madrid, Marbella, Barcelona and the last one in Sevilla.

MAX Tourism: Why should an event agency in Scandinavia choose to work with you?

Anna: There are several reasons why our clients choose to work with us; some like our creativity, others feel themselves identified with our values, others appreciate the fact that we are always on-brief, on-time and on-budget, but the one reason they all have in common is that we are local. We truly believe that this is what makes the difference, if you expect more than a standard program. This is why we have 9 offices with local experts who are able to offer you that hidden gems that only locals know.

Today, maximice events group is one of the largest DMCs in Spain, but it has never lost the close and personal treatment, and the illusion of exceeding the expectations of each client with which Juan Miguel and Markus have created the company.


MAX Tourism: Your claim is “we make it EASY for you”. What does this mean exactly for your company and your clients?

Kathi: This is not only our slogan, but a philosophy – which we apply during the whole process of project organisation. Let me divide this in two parts:

For our clients:

  • Transparency: Ww see us as your partner on site you can fully trust in
  • We work as a team: as your partner we have the same vision you have, aim the same goals, decrease your stress (one of the most stressful jobs), i.e., we have a call when we receive the request to capture the idea and expectations and from that moment you don’t have to worry
  • We anticipate ourselves: we are always one step ahead, so you can focus on your client
  • Constant communication: we guide you according to our experience on site in the destination.


  • We are a young and international team
  • We know how importante flexibility is now adays and therefore have no strict rules
  • We are empathetic Project Managers with experience in different sectors
  • We highly value Teamwork – more people/ more ideas/ more approaches

MAX Tourism: Last but not least, why did you decide to focus on the Scandinavian MICE market?

Anna: In the past we organized several events for the Scandinavian market and our experience was very positive because of their professionalism, common sense and efficiency during the collaborations. We really enjoy to work with them and we always felt that there was a match between us. Without having done any specific sales or marketing actions, we recognized an increase of enquiries, so we decided to opt for a more intensive collaboration with this market and specifically with MAX Tourism. We feel that we understand each other very well and hope to work together for many years!

In case of a request for Spain, please send it to and we will forward it to the maximice team.