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Why does your brand need a Community Manager?

In the era of web 3.0 we are ready to position our brand, listen to our clients opinión, what they feel, think and believe. To make the most out of “social networking” a key figure was born in the online communication of nowadays. The Community Manager can control and greatly improve the corporate image of the Company.

Internet has become the present and the future, where 85% of those who surf the net, have at least one account on a social network, that is the reason why the figure of the Community Manager is emerging as indispensable in the era of communication 3.0.

More and more people spend time browsing social networks. On Facebook there are more than 500 million chances of getting a check on your official website. Proper investment in a fanpage, plus an adequate Community Manager, and the results will arrise in a short period of time. The important thing here is to understand that the existence of someone behind the management of our interactions with fans is essential.

These and many more reasons show the importance of a good Community Manager. Social Networks are today the best complement to traditional commercial activities and a safe investment, if it is conducted in a successful manner and by a profesional person in the field. If resources and sustained efforts in this medium are engaged, you can increase your company’s participation in the market and you can definetly build a successful brand reputation.

What do you think of the job of a Community Manager? Do you think that anyone can become one? Do you think that this role is really necessary? Tell us your opinion about it, we want to know what you think about it!